The Bookkeep101 FB Group

This community is for small business owners, bookkeepers, who want to manage their own books.  We are committed to supporting ALL businesses regardless of their industry. J&S is dedicated to creating a platform to develop resources to manage your own businesses’ finances.  Together, let’s take your business to the next level.


We welcome using this group to find a talented pool of freelancers or consultants to help you grow your business. If you are looking to outsource, please use the hashtag #jobopp. This will make it easier for the community to respond to your posts. Also, see the rules below for the format to post this.


This is NOT a group to promote your service, your coaching, your own Facebook group, or your social media accounts.

However, we will have dedicated posts / threads where you can promote your services. We do this to prevent spammers and to keep the main focus of the group as a place to ask questions and get advice on growing your business.

***We do not allow Facebook business pages to join the group. You can only join through your personal profile.

*** No posting or promoting links to your own services, workshops, webinars, groups, blog posts, resources, or website. 

*** No posting affiliate links at all. You also cannot share affiliate links in the comments.

*** Private Messaging any members of the group is not allowed unless specifically asked to do so. Do not PM someone without their permission. If you are reported doing this, you will be removed from the group. 

*** No posting “free offers”. These will be deleted. 

*** Any posts, blogs, polls, or comments that are specifically targeted to sell your own products, services or your client’s products or services to the group will be removed. 

*** No going LIVE in the Facebook Group without express permission from an Admin.

*** No sharing videos of any kind in the group. Repeated offenders of this will be removed from the group.

*** Respect the Admins of the group. Janel Varnadoe, the main Admin of the group spends a lot of time doing free training and gives a lot of free content. We will not tolerate insults, snide remarks or low key haters…


One of the major benefits of this group is that people will often post #jobopps to hire freelancers and consultants. This is the method that you can find new clients, by responding to a #jobopp.

However please follow these rules:

*** Do not PM the individual posting the #jobopp unless they asked that you do so.

*** Follow the provided #jobopp format. By providing the following information, it will save both you and the people you want to hire a lot of time:

1.  Include #jobopp in the post.

2.  Your Company and a brief description.

3.  How do you want this person to respond to this post: email, PM, provide link in comments, etc.?

6. What type of tasks you are looking to get help you with? Provide a brief, high level list.

8.  Anything else that the person you want to apply should know about you or your business.


If we see any comments or posts asking individuals to PM you to find out more info about what you offer or how to work with you – these posts will be deleted and you may be removed from the group.  If you want to provide value, share information in the comments.


Was your post deleted or were you removed from the group? Most likely you broke the rules. Email us for clarification, if needed by filling out this contact form.